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My name is Aradia Megid0, I'm 14 years 0ld and attend St. Skaia High Sch00l.
As 0f right n0w I am a freshman and I am c0mpletely new t0 this wh0le public sch00ling thing. I h0pe I can live up t0 y0ur expectati0ns.
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I still exist

((I swear I’m still alive. I noticed a lot of people are kind of gone and that the Skype chat seems to have died but I swear I’m still here. I’ve just been supppeeerrrrr busy with work and everything I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything else. *sobs*))

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((It’s gotten way too quiet over here. Anyone still alive?))

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(( Welp I  know no one rp’s much on here but Roxy DID say we could hold the halloween event we wanted to a while ago, so I think that would be a super good idea to try to do it soon. Why don’t you all respond to this with the soonest times you’d be good for a group rp, prrroobbabblyy over skype? I am nootttt sure whether everyone wants it to be trick or treating or a costume party either, so fire awaayyyy
It would suck for our rp to blatantly die, so I hope we can do thiss!)) 

(( I don’t want the RP to die either. I’d be game after my convention this weekend. So the soonest for me would be Monday. ))

((I’m down. I am very busy over weekends in general so don’t expect much from me there))

((Unfortunately I know Rose and I have a convention this weekend so that’s out for the both of us. Like I work on weekdays but normally stay up till about 3am so eh, I’d prefer the weekend after the next- the 29th of June - 1st of July. At least that’s the next weekend I know I’m open.))

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It’s okay Roxy!

Not much has been going on lately due to everyone having finals and AP exams so not like you missed anything. 

As far as the whole not into homestuck and all it’s okay, sometimes people get overloaded on one thing and just need a break from it before they feel like they can enjoy it again, no big deal really.

Can’t wait to hear from you again though! Definitely will have to stalk your personal! *stalk stalk*

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M0vie time! (Cause we haven’t in a realllllyyyyyy l0ng time)

Alright so the movie will be in like 15 minutes cause we can, it’ll be located in the normal spot here!

We’re going to be doing at least 13 going on 30, not sure what else though.

EDIT: Time extended- we’ll be starting in like 20-25 minutes

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> Aradia: Your fault



“Self destructive?” Aradia asks quietly, a hint of confusion in her voice. “He hasn’t been… hurting himself or anything has he?” The worry is displayed on her face now instead of just her eyes. “You don’t think it’s my fault do you? I-I didn’t drive him to anything like that right?”

“It happens,” was all Rose said to her first question.  She knew very well how self-destructive tendencies worked:  she’d grown up with Roxy and her alcoholism, after all.  “No, he hasn’t been harming himself.  Nothing so dramatic.  I do have to keep on him about eating and sleeping properly.”  A twinge of guilt ran through her about her negligence while they’d not been speaking.  “You’re not the sole source of his behavior, nor even a large part of it.  You may have some small influence over it, however.”  It was the truth, though perhaps not a very welcome one.

"I feel terrible still." Aradia sighed lightly and closed her eyes before opening them once more to look into Rose’s. "Is there anything I could do to help him? I mean I never meant for this- I really didn’t." She says softly, the guilt not even hidden as her voice was laced with it. She sighed a bit more heavily this time as she looked down into her lap, her long fingers fiddling with the edge of her shirt. "I mean without making it worse of course." 

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((Haven’t been on in awhile- keep forgetting to check or I’m too busy to do so X-X))

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> Aradia: Your fault


“Well, of course it hurts.”  She could probably stand to be more tactful than that; she hurried to add more to her statement.  “You both were close.  Hurting him the way you did probably gave you a fair amount of pain yourself.”  Sighing into her mug, Rose took another long sip.  “But I digress.  He’s doing… well enough.  Not wonderfully, though that’s more his own self-destructive tendencies than any of your influence.”  She rubbed her temple.  “Try sending him a message on Tumblr or something of the sort.  Perhaps he’d be open to talking to you now that time has passed.”

"Self destructive?" Aradia asks quietly, a hint of confusion in her voice. "He hasn’t been… hurting himself or anything has he?" The worry is displayed on her face now instead of just her eyes. "You don’t think it’s my fault do you? I-I didn’t drive him to anything like that right?"

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> Aradia: Worry


Rose held her door open for Aradia, waited for her to enter her room, and closed it after her when the other girl entered.  “At least one of us has a decent immune system.  I confess to a bit of envy,” Rose said.  She pulled out her computer chair and offered it to Aradia.  She herself grabbed her mug of tea and sat down on the small opening between her bookshelves around her bed.  “Of course we can talk.  About what matter do you wish to speak with me?”  Somehow she doubted that this would be a pleasant conversation.  The way Aradia was rambling was not promising.  She took a long swig of her tea and prepared to listen.  “What’s on your mind?”

"Well…" Aradia started as she took a seat in the chair, keeping her eyes on Rose. "You see… I haven’t much had a chance to talk to Sollux. I know you said you’d take care of him so I thought maybe I’d ask you how he was doing. I mean I would do it myself I’m just afraid to talk to him I guess." She looks down at her lap. "I mean… You see I just, I don’t know how to talk to him without bringing up bad memories and stuff. I don’t know what might set him off." Taking a deep breath she looks back up at Rose. "I mean, I may seem like I’ve gotten over it, but every time something reminds me it hurts a bit. And if it hurts me like this I can only worry what he’s gone through or what he may be going through now."

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> Rose: Cope with your sickness



Watching from afar, something she normally did when she was bored, sitting in the classroom or in the library, trying to figure out what to do next. Tapping her pencil on her desk lightly she tried hard to ignore the fact that her class size was a bit large compared to the size of the room. Trying to keep her phobia under control and realizing the tapping on her book was beginning to drive herself insane she looked down to her book and began to doodle on the sides of her notebook. She needed to talk to Rose, she hadn’t in awhile and a lot was on her mind, about everything that happened a month ago- all that made her realize maybe she might have done something wrong. Sighing lightly she continued to doodle, her mind being distracted by the way the pencil moved on the sheet till she realized yet again it was annoying her. Look at those stick figures. Terrible.

Aradia took a deep breath as she tried to focus on something else, the lecture had been a bit boring, she had already learned about this particular one the night before. Looking over her classmates she realized maybe she should pay attention anyways, oh well, her gaze drifted to the outdoors once more. Ever since the hospital she hadn’t said much to Rose or Sollux, she wondered if they were doing alright- of course Rose was though, I mean she had a boyfriend, even if he seemed a bit… Rough. Well he was a bit more uptight than other people she knew but she had no right to judge. She hoped Sollux was doing alright, he had taken what she had said a bit hard, but she was worried about approaching him, so she stayed her distance and let Rose take care of him. I guess now was a good enough time to maybe approach him, but she would prefer to talk to Rose first.

She packed her things away as class ended, thankfully it was her last class of the day as she put her bag on her shoulder and left the room with a brisk pace. Hurrying through the halls she made her way to her room, dropping everything off as she tried to get her mind wrapped around her thoughts like the vines and the trees in the jungle. What if she was wrong? What if she had messed things up more than she had thought? What if he had been avoiding her because of what she had done? She tried hard to not focus too hard on it but it got the best of her as she splashed water on her face before leaving the room and locking it behind her. Strolling down the hall she apprached the door she needed to as she knocked lightly on it. Come on Rose, please be back from class, please. 

Rose snuffled in misery.  She’d suffered through classes on Friday with her head cold, endured her mother’s company and mocking concern over the weekend, and had kept a handkerchief at the ready all day today.  Her sinuses were congested, her brain was blank and fuzzy, her bones ached, and she hadn’t been able to stop sneezing for days.  All she wanted to do was sit down, drink her tea, take a nap, and avoid everyone for a while.  She wasn’t fit for human interaction while being this sick.

So of course someone would knock on her door when she grabbed her mug of tea.  She allowed herself a sigh of the long-suffering and a deep breath of the steam before she went to answer the door.  She set the mug on her desk.  Rose really didn’t want to deal with whatever was coming, but she owed a duty to those who knew her.  She had offered to be a listening ear.  Perhaps it was only Jade with a question or squiddle or-

No such luck.  “Hello, Miss Megido,” she said.  “What can I do for you this afternoon?”  It was obvious in her body language:  something was on Aradia’s mind.  She held up a finger, sniffled into a handkerchief, and warned, “I have a head cold.  I apologize for insisting that I keep my distance.”

"I’m sorry for bothering you Rose. And please, don’t call me Miss Megido, it’s way too formal for my taste." Aradia said smiling gently at Rose as she watched her sniffle. "And I don’t mind colds, I’ve got a pretty good immune system, years in South America tends to help." She says trying to lighten the stiff air before looking down the hall before looking back to Rose. "I was wondering if maybe I could talk to you, I would have done so sooner but I was- well I was a bit worried about bringing it up. I mean I wasn’t sure if it was allowed within a certain time period or- I’m probably confusing you."